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Master Cleaners are skilled and professional for years in the upholstery cleaning. We have been offering skilled cleaning services for domestic and business customers in Dublin for many years as part of Ireland ‘s largest cleaning group.

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Any upholstered pieces of furniture would be new, safe and dry in hours not days. You’re promised excellent results when we take action.

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Throughout the years we’ve experienced just about any imaginable problem of upholstery that might happen. We have the expertise, the methods and the tools to clean the furniture pieces completely. We find joy in our job and provide the highest quality cleaning service for the upholstery.


Stains and spills are common, thankfully they are not irreversible. Sofas, recliners, armchairs as well as various other upholstered furnishings get a lot of focus, particularly in a household with kids, teens or pets. Upholstery cleaned properly using the Master Cleaners method should look and smell almost as fine as fresh ones. Good maintenance of your sofas will extend the upholstery existence which is a better option to replacing.

Below you can see some results of our carpet cleaning services:

The most effective sofa cleaning procedure is hot water extraction. The treatment begins with the use of special detergents designed for the removal of common upholstery stains such as coffee, greasy food, blood, ink, crayon, vomit, and so on.

After pre-treating the stains, your upholstery cleaning professional will inject hot water into the sofa’s fibres, completely removing the accumulated grime and dust.

The injected water is then extracted back with all of the dislodged dirt by the machine’s suction capability, leaving your upholstery thoroughly clean and deodorised.

Please keep in mind that some stains, such as hair colour, may have permanently harmed the fabrics and that we cannot remove such stains. Also, bear in mind that if you attempt to clean such stains on your own, they will penetrate deeper into the fabric of the upholstery, rendering the cleaning process impossible.

Did you know that, much like your sofa, your mattress requires regular deep cleaning? Yes, when mattresses are used frequently, they acquire a substantial amount of dust and thus dust mites. If you’re thinking about replacing your mattress, our mattress cleaning service is for you! Hot water extraction will remove all stains and debris from your mattress, leaving it entirely recovered.

Because mattresses take longer to air-dry, the mattress cleaning professional will supply you with a complimentary air mover at the end of the session.

Some stains might cause fabric damage and cannot be completely removed from mattresses.

Master Cleaners specialises in upholstery cleaning and can clean any type of furniture. Using cutting-edge technology, we clean couches, chairs, curtains, drapes, and anything else that is upholstered. We employ the most recent upholstery cleaning methods and choose which one to use based on the fabric type of your upholstery, which might be silk, Haitian cotton, velour, brushed corduroy, leather, and so on.

We recommend dry upholstery cleaning for leather and fragile fabrics. In any case, if your sofa is constructed of synthetic fibres, we can clean it using hot water extraction. Regardless of the cleaning method, you will receive a ScotchgardTM upholstery treatment at the end of both sessions, which will protect your fabrics against future stains such as pen, red wine, shoe polisher, blood, crayons, and more. This benefit is also extended to our carpet cleaning service.

Please keep in mind that you can order upholstery cleaning in conjunction with post-tenancy cleaning, as well as oven and cooker valeting or domestic home cleaning, and take advantage of our exclusive discounts and specials when you book multiple services.

Your sofa cleaning professional will carefully assess the delicacy of your upholstery’s fabric and employ one of the following treatments to preserve it from discoloration:

  • Dry solvent cleaning: This procedure is intended for extremely fragile fabrics and does not use any water. A powdered solvent is applied to the fabric, which acts like a magnet on a microscopic level, attracting all dirt and dust. Then, with no risk of causing damage to your sofa or chair, all of this is vacuumed.
  • Dry foam cleaning: After pretreatment of all stains, a low moisture detergent is sprayed to the fabric and gently rubbed with a revolving brush. When the upholstery has been thoroughly cleaned, the specialist vacuums the area to ensure there are no foam remains, and your upholstery cleaning service concludes.
  • Cleaning aniline, nubuck, and protected leather sofas: Using specialised detergents intended for this upholstery type, we successfully clean aniline, nubuck, and protected leather sofas. The procedure is using the aforementioned solution and then wiping exclusively with a cotton cloth to avoid damaging the leather.

Note: If the leather is soiled, there is a potential that the damage may be irreversible, and the sofa cleaners will be unable to remove the stubborn stains.

Our antiviral upholstery sanitisation destroys 99.999 percent of harmful viruses and bacteria, including Coronavirus, MRSA, and HIV. It can only be ordered in conjunction with the steam upholstery cleaning service and consists of three steps:

Pre-treating your upholstery: Before beginning the actual steam cleaning procedure, the expert will spray your sofa or mattress with an EN1276 CERTIFIED antiviral detergent that is suitable for any wet-cleanable surface.

Agitating the detergents: To guarantee that the antiviral detergents penetrate even deeper into your furniture or mattress, the upholstery cleaning professional will use an unique agitation technique and wait for 15 minutes.

Steam cleaning your upholstery: After the detergent has eradicated 99.999 percent of all bacteria and viruses in your upholstery, the expert will proceed with steam upholstery cleaning.

Professional upholstery cleaning faq

It will take between four and seven hours if the upholstery is made of wool fibre. Aside from that, it should take between three and six hours.

We are open seven days a week! Weekends are not an issue, and we can even assist you on official holidays. Evening appointments are also possible.

Yes, however they are entirely safe for usage in a residential setting. However, if you are allergic to specific chemicals, please notify us ahead of time so that we may supply you with alternative cleaning methods for your upholstered items.

We accept credit and debit cards, as well as bank transfers.

Well, accidents do happen from time to time. However, because this service is fully insured, you will be paid.

We service the entire city of Dublin. However, if your area isn’t included below, please give us a call. – We cover a lot more!

The price we quote you does not include parking or congestion costs, so we respectfully ask that you take care of it and ensure that there is a free parking space near your property before the service is performed.

The service begins with a thorough evaluation of the item to establish its condition and the extent to which the upholstery professional can clean it. Then he’ll test a small, inconspicuous patch of leather to see how effectively the dirt comes off. Following the test, the technician will clean the fabric with a foam leather cleaner. It will absorb all of the dirt in a matter of minutes. The cleaning solution will then be worked in with a gentle brush. Finally, he’ll wipe it down with a cotton cloth. The technician will apply a leather rejuvenator once the upholstery is completely clean. It takes 1 to 2 hours for the revitalising solution to dry.







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