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Given the broad range of residential flooring options currently available – laminate, bamboo, slate, vinyl, timber, stone, and cork – carpeting remains highly common. Another explanation people love carpeting — apart from its comfort and smoothness — is that it needs fewer care and renovations than hard-surface floors. Usually, regular vacuuming and periodic deep-clean scrubbing is all that is needed to keep carpeting looking new and healthy.

Soft Problem

Despite your best intentions, the carpet will eventually become the subject of spills, splatters, dirty falls, and everything you bring down at the bottom of the shoes.

Why should I clean my Carpet Professionally?

The carpet cleaning hot water extraction method has been proved to be the most efficient for removing stains and leaves no trace, most carpet manufacturers highly recommend this. We use the best carpet cleaner machines and the best brands for carpet cleaning to ensure optimum removal of dirt and stain. Our carpet cleaning devices operate by applying a thin layer of water and a carpet cleaning material deep into the carpet’s fibres, such process loosens the mud, grime and soil and a strong vacuum extracts the water along with all the dust and dirt. The high-waterlift system means a quicker drying period, and in 1 hour, carpets will dry.

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We are one of Dublin ‘s largest carpet-cleaning businesses. We provide domestic customers a qualified carpet-cleaning service. We guarantee outstanding support at costs that are unbeatable. We have tons of Carpet Cleaning knowledge and qualifications. The carpet cleaning technicians are highly trained professionals whose goal is to provide the domestic customers with the best possible carpet cleaning service.

Below you can see some results of our carpet cleaning services:

Master Cleaners offers carpet cleaning services for all types of carpets throughout Dublin and the majority of England. Depending on the fabric of your flooring, we utilise one of two expert cleaning methods: hot-water extraction and dry cleaning. In addition, there are two types of the dry cleaning procedure. Here’s what each of those cleaning methods is good for:

  • Hot-water extraction carpet cleaning – Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is suitable for the majority of common carpet types. It is suitable for use on synthetic (microfibre, man-made, polyester) and woollen fabrics.
  • Dry carpet cleaning – There are two types of dry carpet cleaning: powder dry carpet cleaning and solvent dry carpet cleaning. Powder dry carpet cleaning is used on natural fibre hard carpets. These include seagrass, jute, and sisal, among others. Solvent dry carpet cleaning is utilised for pricey carpets, upholstery, and draperies made of sensitive materials.

Please keep in mind that we do not do steam carpet cleaning. People frequently confuse hot-water extraction with steam cleaning, although these are two distinct cleaning methods. However, hot-water extraction remains the most successful procedure everywhere it can be used.

Again, in order to unload the equipment and detergents, the technician must park as close to your property as possible. He’ll also bring everything in with the same care he’d use for a hot-water extraction cleaning, and he’ll move any little pieces of furniture out of the way.

  • For powder dry carpet cleaning, the expert will sprinkle a dry powdered detergent throughout the carpet and then work it into the fibres using a special equipment equipped with revolving brushes. The detergent will adhere to the filth and be vacuumed from your flooring along with the dust and grime.
  • The professional will use a particular detergent in his carpet cleaning machine for solvent dry carpet cleaning. This detergent is designed specifically for sensitive materials. He’ll work it into the surface of your flooring, upholstery, or curtains before sucking it back in with the machine along with the dirt.

Hot-water extraction carpet cleaning is done with some of the most powerful professional machinery available. It is also the most effective method of carpet cleaning. So, here’s how a typical cleaning service works:

  • Because the machine is large and heavy, the technician must park as close to your property as feasible.
  • After unloading the machine, he will carry it in with other necessary items. To avoid damaging your flooring, carpet technicians always wear overshoes and place a protective sheet underneath the machine.
  • The following step is to fill the machine with hot water and then add the professional detergent.
  • When the equipment is ready, the specialist will move any small furniture out of the way to allow him better access to the flooring. Please keep in mind that he is unable to move heavy furniture or other heavy goods.
  • Before beginning the carpet cleaning service, the specialist will thoroughly inspect your carpet for stains, and if any are found, he will pretreat them with a specialised detergent. He will also use the detergent in the machine to spray the entire traffic area of the flooring.
  • Once the preliminary work is over, the carpet cleaner will proceed to the primary task of cleaning your carpet till it looks pleasant and new. The hot-water extraction machine injects a solution of hot water and detergent into the carpet fibres. This mixture loosens the dirt, making it easier to remove. The machine then sucks the water and filth back together.
  • The expert will treat your flooring with a stain-protection detergent at the end of the cleaning session, which will prevent any spilled liquids from soaking into the fibres and forming stains. The effects of the treatment can persist up to 8 months.
  • Please keep in mind that it will take between 3 and 6 hours for the carpet to dry completely after cleaning. However, for a modest cost, you may rent an air mover from us, which will allow your carpet to dry three times faster.

You can extend the life of your carpet after it has been professionally cleaned by using ScotchgardTM fabric protector.

This only applies to the hot water extraction cleaning method, as the protector is incompatible with dry carpet cleaning. ScotchgardTM is a specialised spray solution that repels liquids, stains, and debris, preventing them from settling on your floor covering. This repels what you want to keep out while still keeping your clothes fresh and clean!

Master Cleaners sends mobile carpet cleaning experts to your house or office anywhere in Dublin (with some occasional exceptions).

*NOTE: Extend the value of our company’s services by combining home carpet and rug washing with upholstery and furniture cleaning, or book it as part of after-tenancy cleaning (where dip tank oven valeting is included).

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Carpet cleaning faq

That depends on the type of foot traffic they are subjected to. Carpet stain prevention also makes a difference. In general, we recommend professional cleaning at least twice a year for typical residential carpeting to ensure you get the most value for how much carpet cleaning costs.

We offer services seven days a week, including holidays. Evening appointments are also possible. East Dublin, South Dublin, South-East, South-West, West Dublin, North-West, North-East, and North Dublin are all served by the excellent carpet cleaning services. We also collaborate with carpet cleaners in Oxford, Reading, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Stockport, and other English cities. You can see if we serve your location by clicking the “Check rates & availability” button.

All of the detergents we use are professional grade and are not available in regular stores. We utilise a variety of cleaning chemicals, stain removers, and stain protection detergents that have been rigorously tested over the years to ensure excellent results. Furthermore, they eliminate 99 percent of known bacteria and germs and ensure a clean environment.

We clean a broad variety of carpets and rugs at Master Cleaners, including Persian carpet cleaning, oriental, Moroccan, Tibetan, Indian, runners, area rugs, circular rugs, sculptured, seagrass, sesal, jute, and many more. Can’t seem to find yours? Just give us a call and ask.

We provide high-quality fibre stain repellent that, when applied after professional cleaning, can substantially extend the freshness of your carpet. It will also significantly increase the life of your floor piece, particularly if it is situated in a high-traffic area. When you schedule Hot Water Extraction (HWE) technique carpet cleaning, you will receive FREE stain prevention.







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